Hold Trampoline Parks Responsible for Providing a Safe Experience

Too many children are getting injured.

We Investigate Claims Against Trampoline Parks

We are attorneys who hold trampoline parks responsible for your child's injuries.

Trampoline parks want you to believe that you cannot sue them - even when their negligence caused your child's injuries.  Often times, this simply isn't true.  So the answer to "Can I sue a trampoline park?" might be yes.  Let's find out.  It starts with a few questions:

  • What happened?
  • Where are you located?
  • What were the injuries caused by the trampoline park?

A lot of people believe that the only thing that matters is a waiver was signed at the trampoline park.  That is only a part of the equation.  Depending on where you live, it might not matter at all that you signed a trampoline park waiver.  Each case is different.  Get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can tell you whether you might have a trampoline park case or not.

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Byron Warnken

Managing Attorney

Byron B. Warnken is the managing attorney of Warnken, LLC.  Byron handles serious injury cases.  Warnken, LLC has argued before the Supreme Court and United States Courts of Appeal around the country.

Andrew Mazan


Andrew Mazan represents the injured.  Andrew strives to hold trampoline parks accountable for the injuries of children in their facilities.  He likes tough cases.

Matt Grogan


Matt Grogan strives to succeed on behalf of his clients.  Each case, each story, each person is important.  Attorney Matt Grogan works tirelessly to succeed for his clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

When your child has been injured, you have questions...

Does the Waiver Mean I Can't Do Anything?

There are usually ways to bring a lawsuit against a trampoline park whose negligence has caused your child's injuries.  Sometimes, the waiver matters, sometimes it is virtually irrelevant.  Every case is different.  Every state has different laws.

How Will I Know If I Have A Valid Lawsuit?

You probably won't, but we can help.  The first step in determining this is to contact an attorney well-versed in trampoline park law.  Not only does waiver law differ from state to state, so do general negligence laws.  It is important to speak with someone as soon as possible regarding your case.

Who Can Be held Responsible For My Child's Injuries?

A lot of the time the lawsuit will be against the individual business itself.   Another possible claim is against the manufacturer of the equipment (if it was faulty or negligently designed), the owner/operator of the trampoline park, or even the franchise.  Each claim is different, and could possible include multiple defendants in order to ensure proper recovery and responsibility for your child's injuries.

What Should I do If My Child Was Injured?

The first step is to seek proper medical attention.  Getting your child the proper medical treatment as soon as possible is a critical step to recovery.  The waiver and complex issues are better left to a lawyer, not a concerned parent of an injured child.