We all know the catastrophic injuries that can arise from trampoline parks.  Any time spent on our website will highlight a collection of news articles, medical opinions, and real life stories.  While not every injury is serious, for a lot of them, 911 is called and paramedics race to the trampoline park to provide medical attention and take the child to the hospital.

While some of these may be all to0 familiar for parents who have witnessed their child getting injured, it’s important to highlight the severity of the injuries and how often 911 is called.

The first 911 call described came from the Daytona Beach area in Florida.

The caller stated “It sounds like a little girl fell off one of our ledges and hit her head on the way down. Her parents asked me to call 911.  She just puked.”  

This tragic incident led to a concussion and possible loss of consciousness.  While we don’t know the remaining details about the accident, the caller stated that the little girl struck her head on “the edge of the pit.”

Another 911 call from a trampoline park employee said this:  “her daughter said that she tried to jump across the trampoline . . . and her leg buckled . . . you can see a bone looked like it popped out of place.” 

These injuries are certainly not uncommon.  This largely unregulated industry often has no protocol for emergency situations like this, and it’s up to the parent to tell the employees to call 911 and seek medical attention.

Another minor child in Florida was severely injured, which is outlined in the following call: ” . . . her son was trying to do a flip and landed on his back . . . but he said his neck cracked . . . his eyes are rolling back.” 

This employee had this to say to a 911 dispatcher:  “a little girl just popped her  shoulder out of place.”

Another park around the Rockledge area dialed 911 and said this “he was just bouncing, we tried to get him up and he’s just not getting up.”

If you’re like us, visualizing these injuries while reading any of the above 911 calls strikes a nerve.  Seeing children injured, through no fault of their own, is tragic.  Whether failure to perform proper maintenance, negligent supervision, or gross negligence on behalf of a park, injuries are skyrocketing and these calls happen much too often.