A few weeks ago a 12-year-old boy suffered fatal injuries after a fall from the rock climbing wall at a trampoline park.  The incident happened in North Carolina when the child was attempting to climb a rock wall during his birthday party.  Unfortunately, something went wrong and the child fell about 15 feet.  He did not survive injuries he sustained from the fall.  The investigation of exactly what happened is still pending.

This is yet another tragedy in the chain of events stemming from unregulated trampoline parks.  If you’ve been following our blog, you know about the series of injuries detailed in the 911 calls below, and also how the severity of these injuries can require lifelong care.

The trampoline park reported that the park was “closed due to an injury and out of respect for the family.”  The park also stated that they were “taking every step necessary at the park.”  The trampoline park is currently investigating the accident to determine what exactly caused the fall.

Whatever the cause may be, it is time for regulation of trampoline parks nationwide. It is time to implement steps and policies to hold them accountable for their actions and inaction.  Both North and South Carolina reported that they do not inspect and regulate trampoline parks.  Sadly, out of every state that has a trampoline park, only two are regulated.

Earlier this year, another minor child broke both of his ankles at another North Carolina trampoline park.  See the video below for the story.

Not only are these parks unregulated arenas that can lead to serious injuries and death, but most, if not all of the parks make the parent sign an exculpatory clause or “waiver” that forfeits the right to sue if something were to happen, or if the park were to be involved in some negligence.  The enforce-ability of these waivers varies state by state, and more and more states are striking them down as void against public policy.  If you have questions about your state, please check out our state page for more information.

As heartbreaking as this incident is, this is not surprising considering the amount of injuries located in these parks all across the country.  Just in Meckleburg County alone, paramedics responded to traumatic injuries from trampoline parks nearly 100 times over the last 18 months.  Nationwide those numbers grow exponentially.

No family should have to endure the pain and suffering of losing a 12-year-old child on his birthday.  If you’re like us, just thinking about this horrible incident strikes a nerve.  This is a parent’s worst nightmare.